Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

It looks like today is the day.

Fairfield's new public skatepark is finally open!

Check back here for photos and updates.


  1. Today, Thanksgiving Day, was the first skateable day. That bowl is awesome!!!!!!!!!! It was a little wet and slippery in the morning but after a couple of hours it dried up. Tway, Scott, Jeff from Day one, Mikey V, Michael and Harry were all there as well as a ton of kids. The drop in is nice. The park is fast and the tile in the deep end is fun to hit!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It was a bit dusty and dirty that caused it to be slippery too. My grip tape and wheels were a mess. It was swept but that didn't really help. A couple of good rain storms should clean things off though.

  2. Nice park. See everyone there this winter!